Who We Are?

We are manufacturer of flexible Conductors, Bush Bar for Switchgear industry, Copper Contacts, Silver & Bimetal Brazing Contacts, , Precision Stamping Parts, HRC Fuse Link Assembly and their Parts, A/c Switch Water Cooled Assembly , Copper Terminals & Copper Base for High Power Modules, all types of Semiconductor copper/Brass Parts which are supplied in export Units & US Defence systems, Battery Parts, And Automobile parts like Gaskets, Bearing covers, etc. Our copper contacts are used in Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Transformers, RMU. Our Silver contact parts are used in Heavy Welding Machines for High voltage carrying Capacity. And Other Metal parts are widely used in all types of Electrical Equipment.

Our Facility

We have our own Tool room facility for Making Dies, Tools and Jigs & Fixtures. We have up to 100 Tons of Capacity Power Presses and Hydraulic Press. We have Fully Automatic Metal Cutting Band Shaw Machine. We have Precision Surface Grinder Machines. We have drilling machines & automatic threading machine. We also have special surface finish Treatment machine which increases our Product Quality.

Our ISO Certification

An ISO 9001:2015 certified company
for Manufacture and supply of machine & Press parts, Sliver brazing and Soldering components,flexible Semi Conductor,Copper Terminals, precision Parts,Silver Brazed Bi-metal tip semiconductors, Automobile press parts.
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